About The Clinic

Jovic is a primary care and a walk-in clinic, located in the Meridian Highland neighborhood to serve residents and their families.

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Our Services

Whether it is weight loss and wellness, cardiology, neurology, counseling, or most other care needs, Jovic can help you or your family.

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Patient Information

You can easily transfer your medical records to us, or fill out the simple patient forms. We provide them here to download before yoour visit.

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Since 1993

Providing the help you need

Jovic Primary Care & Walk-in Clinic opens its doors on Monday, June 17, 2019 on the first floor of the Pinnacle Medical Plaza at 1935 North Capitol Avenue. We will provide medical attention and staffing for a unique and very wide-range of healthcare and wellness services to our Indianapolis community. You can find out more about Jovic by clicking here. ALso, make sure to look through our list of services.

For more information on Jovic, or to schedule an appointment, please call 317-920-1111.


1935 Capitol

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You can contact us, ask questions, and get directions to the clinic. Just click the Contact button to the right for more.